IP Portfolio

SaberTek Catalog and Custom IPs:

SaberTek has developed successful radio IP families for a variety of applications and wireless standards. We offer a wide range of catalog RF/analog/mixed-signal IPs for wireless transceivers. Also, we provide custom IP development services for optimizing our existing IPs, or developing new IPs based on the customer requirements.


Standard IP Families:

SaberTek provides silicon proven transceiver IPs for various wireless markets. SaberTek radio IPs are optimized for ultra-low-power-consumption, Adaptivity, and low silicon area.

Consumer and IoT Optimized IPs
SaberTek offers a unique radio IP portfolio for consumer electronic. It includes LTE/3G, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11ah/ac/n, and BLE & ZigBee. SaberTek enables the wireless IoT market with its IoT-optimized, ultra-low-power, highly adaptive, and low-silicon-area IP portfolio.

Base Station
SaberTek has developed a rich high performance IP portfolio for cellular base-station and repeater market.

Universal Radio
SBR3501 {hot link to page: Proven IPs  LTE/3G} is a universal radio with high level of flexibility which can be used for many application.

Ultra-low-power wireless market requires very low power ADC/DAC IPs to minimize the total power consumption of the system. SaberTek offers ADC/DAC/ClkGen IPs optimized for low power and IoT wireless systems.