SaberTek, Inc. announces low-cost, ultra-low-power NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M transceiver IP family

March 4, 2017

IRVINE, CA - 3 Mar, 2017 - SaberTek, Inc. announces a new family of LTE UE Transceiver and AFE IPs that provides the desired performance at very low power and low area. These IPs enable LTE NB-IoT and Cat-M applications on cost-sensitive yet high performance IoT devices. SaberTek Transceivers SBR7060/SBR7065 and SBR7030/SBR7035 and SaberTek Analog Front End SBR0176 provide a complete RF/analog IP solution for cellular IoT applications.

Two IoT optimized standards have been added to 3GPP standard. LTE Category-M (Cat-M1 or LTE-M1) was added starting release 12 and NB-IoT (Cat-NB1) was added to release 13. Several features included in these categories with unique highly optimized transceiver design techniques substantially reduce the cost of radio in the system. i) Half duplex (HD) operation instead of full duplex (FD) removes the requirement for expensive duplexer in the system, ii) Introduction of class-5 with 20dBm output power facilitates the integration of power amplifier into the RFIC, iii) Removal of diversity receiver reduces both silicon area and power consumption, as well as system cost.

"We see growing market opportunity for NB-IoT and Cat-M1 applications. Many system companies seek to have their own silicon solution to minimize their hardware cost, as well as to add their special features to their hardware, enabling their cost sensitive applications" Says Farbod Behbahani Ph.D., CEO and founder of SaberTek Inc. "Our LTE NB-IoT and Cat-M1 transceiver IPs substantially reduce the total solution cost and power consumption to a fractional of existing LTE solutions in the market. The significantly lower hardware cost enabled by SaberTek radio IPs is essential for cost sensitive wireless IoT market."

SaberTek enables licensees who have their own digital baseband or already have their modem IP from another provider with its unique and low cost radio IPs and closely collaborate with them to ensure a successful product. SaberTek also has modem/MAC IP provider partners that together can offer IPs required for a complete solution. This can be enabling for system companies who do not have their own LTE hardware technology, but need to have their own chip product to minimize solution cost.

SBR7060/65 and SBR7030/35 are the 4th generator of SaberTek LTE transceivers IPs. Previous generations of SaberTek LTE IPs are all silicon proven and provide solution for LTE UE Cat-0~Cat-5 and eNB.

About SaberTek

Founded in 2004, SaberTek ( is a leading design service and IP provider for mmWave, RF, analog RFICs, and MMICs. SaberTek specializes in developing cutting edge transceivers for various wireless applications and standards, including Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), cellular (LTE, WCDMA), DVB-H, GPS, and WiGig. SaberTek's cores and services cover all the functional blocks of an RF front end ranging from the antenna to the data-convertors, including receiver, transmitter, frequency synthesizer, bias, and digital functions at a frequency range of DC to 100 GHz.

Media Contact: Farbod Behbahani, SaberTek, (949) 412-5064,