Wireless IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) consists of all “things” around us, communication networking connecting them together, and computing/analyzing/control systems which uses the data from “things”. In most cases, the communication between “things” use one of the wireless systems. Depending on the nature of a particular “thing”, the optimum wireless system varies. Following are the main candidates used for Wireless IoT.

Cellular (LTE/3G): LTE is a great candidate for IoT when “thing” is mobile. Also, LTE provides enough flexibility to achieve low average power consumption and very long battery life. The Category 0 standard which is being developed for IoT applications will reduce the power consumption and cost significantly.

Wi-Fi: Using vast existing infrastructure for Wi-Fi hot spots makes it a very good candidate for wireless IoT. The new standard of 802.11ah is enabling Wi-Fi to address the low power applications too.

BLE & ZigBee: For applications which need very low power consumption, BLE & ZigBee are the most common choice. However, they need a gateway to connect to internet.