Founded in 2004, SaberTek has been a leading edge wireless transceiver IP provider for RFICs. SaberTek provides silicon proven IPs for various wireless applications and standards, including WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ah), cellular (LTE, WCDMA), positioning (GPS and GNSS), and wireless metering (802.15.4g + 802.11ah). Our proven IPs cover all the functions from the antenna down to the digital baseband, including receiver, transmitter, frequency synthesizer, bias, data convertors, and digital functions.

SaberTek has extensive experience in developing winning products in CMOS, SiGe, and BiCMOS processes. Our unique technology provides the most cost effective solutions to our customers and offers them a great competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our ultra-low-power IPs enable Internet-of-things (IoT) and wearable wireless markets.

SaberTek transceiver IPs are highly integrated and require minimum number of off-chip components, reducing required PCB real-state and system cost.

In addition to standard silicon proven IPs, SaberTek provides custom IP development services. Our rigorous design flow and methodology minimize time-to-market and maximize our customers' profit.