SaberTek Joins TowerJazz Design Star Awards Program

September 7, 2011

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. & IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, today announced SaberTek, Inc., a leading edge design service and IP provider for mmWave, RF, and analog products has joined its “Design Star Awards Program,” a design center partnership incentive program offered to independent design centers. Through this program, SaberTek will refer new customers and products to TowerJazz, enhancing its SiGe technology offerings and increasing the number of specialty designs taped into TowerJazz. In addition, SaberTek will receive benefits from TowerJazz on products and services ordered for their customers.

“SaberTek joining our Design Star Awards Program evidences the high quality of TowerJazz’s partners and supports our initiative to create a program that offers customers the most complete design services for their devices manufactured using our world-class SiGe technology and other process offerings," said Ori Galzur, TowerJazz Vice President of Design Center and PDK Development.

The announcement formalizes an existing five-year relationship between TowerJazz and SaberTek, during which SaberTek has successfully completed several developments in TowerJazz processes. Recent developments include W-band receivers for passive imaging and transceivers for MoCA, WCDMA/LTE, as well as 60GHz WiGig and 77GHz car radar.

SaberTek provides comprehensive design services for the development and production of high-performance and advanced mmWave/RF/Analog products and IPs. Its services cover the complete development cycle, from concept and specifications, to prototyping and high volume production.

“We chose to join TowerJazz’s Design Star Awards Program because they have proven to be the SiGe foundry of choice. As a customer of TowerJazz, they have provided excellent service and quality. Toolboxes and reliable high frequency models provided in their PDK significantly reduce the development risk and duration, especially for mmWave developments,” said Dr. Farbod Behbahani, CEO & President, SaberTek Inc.